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The Zangger VoicePipe™ is a game-changing tool for anyone seeking to improve their vocal health and performance. Developed by world-recognized voice specialist Dr. Daniel Zangger, this innovative product is designed to help singers, speakers, actors, teachers, and others achieve greater vocal strength and stamina. Dr. Zangger's expertise in the field of voice science has been instrumental in creating a product that is both safe and effective. The Zangger VoicePipe™ is designed to stretch and decompress the vocal folds in a controlled and sustainable way, reducing vocal stress and fatigue. With this tool, users can experience improved vocal health, greater confidence, and enhanced vocal performance.


The Zangger VoicePipe™ is the result of solid voice research and experience, which has proven the benefits of stretching and decompressing the vocal folds in a controlled and safe manner. Voice scientists refer to this as vocalizing with a semi-occluded vocal tract; its benefits are widely known.

“Increase your vocal volume!”

“Increase your vocal volume!”

When you vocalize into the pipe, the vocal folds, square up the different vocal fold layers, keeping the vocal folds slightly separated; this means that there are no strong collisions between the vocal folds. This allows you to use full lung pressure and a full range of pitches without risking injury to the voice. The results can be a healthier “vocal setup” including more volume in the higher partials (“ring”) and thereby a louder perceived volume.

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“Find more energy for your voice!”

“Find more energy for your voice!”

The Zangger VoicePipe™ also makes phonation easier through lowering the phonation threshold pressure (this is the lung pressure it takes to make your vocal folds vibrate). These benefits are felt in all areas of voice use including vocal warm ups, vocal cool downs and general voice habilitation. The VoicePipe has the added benefit as a tool for practicing balance between voice registers and the intrinsic muscles of the larynx.

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Get one Year Subscription of VocalWOD for Free This app offers a daily regimen of exercises and warm-ups designed to enhance your vocal health and performance. Users receive sets of exercises and tips to improve their vocal abilities. The app allows for easy tracking of progress and provides personalized feedback to help users reach their goals. With the Zangger VoicePipe™ and the Vocal Workout of the Day app, singers, speakers, actors, and other professionals can build vocal strength and stamina, reduce vocal stress and fatigue, and achieve greater success in their fields.

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Many singers have found success with the Zangger VoicePipe™. By building strength and stamina in the vocal folds, this tool helps singers to achieve optimal vocal performance without experiencing vocal fatigue or strain.


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Daniel Zangger Borch, Ph.D.

Daniel Zangger Borch, Ph.D. Is one of Sweden’s most recognized voice professionals and has regularly appeared as a high profile vocal coach for popular TV shows such as ‘Idol’, ‘True Talent’ and ‘X-Factor’. He´s also coached a vast part of the Swedish artist elite. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Music Performance. As a professional singer he’s been lead singer in a variety of bands and projects, recorded six albums and as a songwriter he reach number one the Swedish album chart 2010.



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Singing Success with the Zangger VoicePipe™

I feel on top of the world

As a professional singer, the Zangger VoicePipe™ has been a game changer for my vocal health and performance. It has helped me to build strength and stamina in my voice, and I no longer experience the vocal fatigue and strain that I used to. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants to take their vocal abilities to the next level.

Richard Fawcett

It is simple & safe

I used to experience vocal strain and fatigue after long days of public speaking. But since using the Zangger VoicePipe™, I no longer have that problem. This tool has helped me to build vocal strength and stamina, which has given me the confidence to speak with clarity and volume. I highly recommend the Zangger VoicePipe™ to anyone who wants to improve their speaking abilities and reduce vocal fatigue

Calvin Fisher

I'm having lot of fun

As an actor, my voice is my instrument. I have found the Zangger VoicePipe™ to be an invaluable tool for maintaining my vocal health and performance. It allows me to warm up my voice before rehearsals and performances, and to stretch and decompress my vocal folds after long days of speaking and singing. This tool has helped me to prevent vocal injuries and maintain a healthy and confident voice.

Bobbie Lloyd