The Zangger VoicePipe™ is an essential tool for healthy vocalization. Singers, artists, speakers, teachers, actors, sales personnel and others now have access to a fantastic tool for training the voice to work without pain and fatigue.

It builds strength and vocal stamina by helping you to stretch and decompress the vocal folds in a healthy and sustainable way. You will experience lower vocal stress and greater vocal strength for singing and speaking success.

When to use it:

  • In the morning shower, to get the voice ready for the day
  • After a long day of extensive voice use
  • Before and after rehearsals, gigs, speeches, teaching and presentations
  • Whenever your voice feels fatigued

Why to use it:

  • Find more energy for your voice
  • Stretches and decompresses the vocal folds in a controlled and safe manner
  • Increase your vocal volume

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